The Bodycuard The Musical

The Brand Builders
Here at GMG Live it always has been and always will be about the brand! At the heart of all we do, our main aim is to take your brand and make it merchandisable beyond the theatre or event ticket.

People love to take home momentos of their experience of your show and that’s where we come in. We invest our time and energy in the study of your show to establish brand values as well as common and popular underlying themes that can be built on to create merchandisable solutions, from the humble fridge magnet to the utterly unique green plush monkey (see Wicked).
It doesn’t end their though, as part of Global Marketing Group Ltd, we have a wealth of resources at our disposal, including manufacturing and textile factories, warehouse storage and dispatch facilities, print and design department, accounting and project management services and much more. With GMG Live on board, your brand is in safe hands, leaving you free to concentrate on the show!

We offer a full service creative and logistical service. You can make use of all or any part of our services to compliment your show. This diagram shows the extent of what we do. Don’t worry if it seems complicated; that’s why we’re here, to take this weight from your shoulders and make the whole process run around your show. Whether it’s a one off event, West End, Broadway or International or even touring theatre…

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