The Bodycuard The Musical

“Enchanting | Feel-Good | Dramatic | Feline”

Our own offices in mainland China come in handy when merchandising shows there. We have an unrivalled capability to service shows in the country and are unique by being the only Western owned company to operate there . The market in China dictates a different kind of approach to the merchandise creative and we are amply-minded to design and create a range that will have wide appeal to this audience alongside our experienced, locally employed, team. We also have a strong artworking and translation skill-set allowing us to produce brochures in Mandarin .

China 1st & 2nd Tier Cities Tour 2012-13


Clothing Range


Logo T-Shirt with Reverse Cat’s Eyes
Cat’s Ear Hoody

Branded Accessories


Compat Cat’s Eyes Umbrella
Cat’s Ears iPhone Case
Cat’s Ears
Diamante Jewellery
Fluffy Slippers
Cat’s Ear Beanie Hat
Shaped Mug
Logo Flask


Oversize Brochure with Production Shots , Puzzles & Free Poster

Sales Points & Kiosks


Main Kiosk and Display Units for Chinese show

andyCats (China)