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The Olympia International Horse Show is a big event that needs a big solution and skill-set. Being made the official merchandiser puts us firmly behind the reins (pun intended) of the brand and give’s us the opportunity to create some bespoke and high-end items in this case, with a different cliental to our theatre range, who are looking more to shop at the event, as it’s an all day experience and they have more time to think about a purchase. This is reflected in the clothing and merchandise.

West End & UK Tour


Clothing Range


Fitted & Unisex Personalised T-Shirts
Padded Logo Jacket
Stitched Logo Body Warmer

Branded Accessories


Compact Patterened Umbrella
Patterned iPhone Cover
Engraved Disc Key-Ring
Cotton Gussetted Shopper Bag
Porcelin Event Mug
Inflatable Cushion
Event Sippa Cup
Touch Screen Logo Gloves

Sales Points & Kiosks


Custom Built Event Shop

Web Shop


Bespoke Branded Web Shop –

andyOlympia International Horse Show