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“Event | Royalty | Heritage | Elegance”

The Royal Windsor Horse Show drew on a large amount of our merchandising and selling experience and was a large scale project both before, at and after the event. We designed and produced the official merchandise for the event, then managed the selling across several locations at the event as well as online orders through a web shop also built by our studio. This was an intricate project involving many members of our team both behind the scenes and at the event itself.

UK Event


Clothing Range


Event Adult & Kids T-Shirts
Event Unisex Polo Shirt
Personalised T-Shirt Backs
Event Unisex Hoody

Branded Accessories


Event Mug
Personalised Mug
Metal Pin Badge
Event Rosette
Cotton Shopper Tote Bag
Stitched Baseball Caps
‘Hot To Trot’ Mug

Merchandise Stalls & ‘In Situ’

Merchandise Stall, Event Team Members Uniforms & Surrondings

Web Shop


Bespoke Branded Web Shop –

andyRoyal Windsor Horse Show