The Bodycuard The Musical

“Adventure | Fun | Mystery | Excitement”

Merchandising for a kids show brings with it it’s own new set of rules and challenges. The focus shifts from the usual lines of Keyrings, Magnets, etc… and we instead focus on Balloons, Plush Toys and other things that children will get more enjoyment and use from, as reflected in the Scooby Doo range. As with the merchandise, what kids want is paramount, so a fun and more funky designed brochure was appropriate, filled with plenty of engaging games, rather than bulky editorial.

UK Tour


Clothing Range


Pirate Ghost Kids T-Shirt
Stage Fright Kids T-Shirt
Pharoah Scooby Kids T-Shirt
Pirate Ghost Kids T-Shirt

Branded Accessories


Pirate Ghost Porcelin Mug
Foil Baloon
Scooby Shaped Foil Baloon
Colouring-In Set
Light-Up Pirate Hat
Plush Scooby
Light-Up Spinning Fans


Oversize Brochure with Production Shots , Puzzles & Free Poster

andyScooby Doo – Live On Stage